Reduce your costs

  Just one Audio Player can provide audio for all visitors to a specific 25 square metre area.

  Minimal power is required, with very low, or no, installation costs.

  Barking Owl Audio Players will operate for many years without needing maintenance or staff training time, becoming a reliable fixed asset and requiring no extra visitor fees (eg in museums, visitor centres). And audio content can easily be updated yourself, when required.

  Our audio signs and displays can easily be tailored to each sector’s needs and to every site (outdoor or indoor), including portable displays, at little or no extra cost.

  Our Players are not a vandalism target as they are usually hidden within other structures.

Get your messages across & attract positive attention

  Engage and motivate your visitors positively through multi-sensory experiences, adding audio to your visual (eg product or exhibit) displays to improve the visitor experience. Go to All about Audio & FAQs for more information.

  Inspire, excite and interest your visitors by enabling them to interact within their groups and experience a display venue together, rather than separately through using personal audio devices. Visitors don’t need to carry anything except their belongings, and there are no perceived health risks from energy fields (compared to mobile phones, etc).

  All of our Audio Player speakers can produce clear CD-quality, wide bandwidth sound (rather than phone or radio quality) to ensure all visitors are able to hear your audio display.

  Avoid the common audio problems of overall noise and staff irritation (due to repetition) by using directional speakers, which cannot be heard clearly outside the targeted area. You can have several placed close together delivering different messages (or the same message in different languages), and they won’t interfere with each other.

Easy to use, attentive customer assistance

  We surpass our customers’ expectations in ease of use, flexibility and innovation, performance and customer service. Simply plug in and play.

  We can provide testimonials from previous clients if required (send us an email request).

Proven revenue generation

  Audio can influence purchase decision-making and increase your sales turn (revenue), particularly at the point of sale (in front of shelf displays). It can alter visitors’ perceptions, improve mood, 'oolour' a space, influence movement pathways and build brand loyalty.

  Sales improvement statistics show a direct correlation between how long people stay in a place and how much money they spend. In addition:

         •  41% of US shoppers made a purchase they were not planning on making after

             hearing a retail audio commercial or promotional announcement,

         •  36% purchased a different brand from the one they originally intended after

             hearing a retail audio commercial or promotional announcement,

         •  seven in 10 shoppers who recall hearing audio ads have a positive attitude toward

             retail audio advertising.   (Arbitron Inc, email Barking Owl Audio for full report)

  In some sectors (eg Retail, Health), Barking Owl Audio Players can also generate passive revenue for our clients, by providing brand owners a unique point-of-sale opportunity for playing their promotions and advertising. Contact us for more details.

Why use Barking Owl Audio Players?

The digital Audio Players that we manufacture are essential for success in:

  providing audio information, promotions and advertising

   for retail centres, product displays, trade shows, expos, reception areas;

  telling stories, providing verbal information and playing soundscapes

   for museums, interpretive displays, visitor centres, outdoor trails, zoos etc;

  advising of regulations, directions, alerts and OH&S warnings

   for customs & quarantine, manufacturing sites, mines, surgeries &

   hospitals, health centres, schools, corporate reception areas.