Who is Barking Owl Audio?

Barking Owls, also called Winking Owl or Screaming Woman, are found in all Australian states except Tasmania. This bird produces a chorus of barking, growling and an occasional scream when intruders approach its nest. Our Barking Owl Audio Players create all kinds of sounds when visitors approach.

In 1999, existing audio display options were unwieldy, short-lived and had negative effects on staff and visitors, so we decided to create our own. Since then, Barking Owl Audio has been developing and installing innovative and unique audio displays in Australia and New Zealand. In response to our clients’ requirements, our smart Audio Players have evolved over that time to the safe, robust, low-cost, high-quality hardware we supply today. Barking Owl Audio is currently headed by Fiona Brine, Interpretive Designer and Mike Manion, Electronics Engineer.  CV_Summaries.pdf

What does Barking Owl Audio do?

Produces motion-activated audio signs and displays

Our unique Audio Players automatically sense and start to play when visitors approach. Our optional directional speakers keep sound confined to small areas, so your audio doesn’t adversely affect your visitors and staff. Your audio can be updated by USB memory stick or remote (Wifi) connection, various languages or specialist information can be selected by push buttons.

Our Audio Players can be installed either indoors or outdoors (using our optional outdoor speaker) and complement any existing audio system. They can also be hidden within other structures, eg cupboards, old radios, wall cavities, drawers, ceilings, retail shelving and seating. They can use mains AC or DC/solar power.

Each Barking Owl Audio Player v3.0 (Elf Owl) contains:

  MP3 playback capability with minimum 2GB of memory

  Magnetic induction volume adjustment (from nearby the Player)

  Built-in pushbutton, camera or PIR motion-sensing playback triggers

  Switched link to other electrical circuits, such as nearby lighting

  Stereo line-out for connecting to existing systems or other speakers

  Built-in mono audio amplifier and high quality speaker

  Optional WiFi connectivity to update files and settings remotely

  Optional directional speaker with automatic volume control

  Many other innovations to suit your site such as solar power packages, camera, outdoor speakers and specialised push-button information.

Go to Why use Barking Owl Players? and Technical Summary for more. Or email us for product brochures and further industry information.

Produces creative, innovative audio content

If you don’t have existing audio content, we can create engaging content for audio signs and displays collaboratively with you - from research, interpretive planning and script-writing through to acting, narration, oral history recording and post-production, as required. The audio files we create (MP3, WAV) are also suitable for reuse in podcasts, web delivery and so on.

Explore our audio samples with related display images throughout this site. All audio was created by Barking Owl Audio & its creative audio team.