Barking Owl Audio Player V3.0 (Elf Owl) Summary

Our Audio Player has been designed for use in both indoor and outdoor displays. Our optional packages will suit your site conditions and needs, such as solar (or other) power, a variety of triggering options, different languages or specialist content, housing options, camera, various speaker types, remote (Wifi) updating of audio content. Contact us to discuss your site’s needs.

  The standard (basic) Audio Player package combines a high quality MP3 digital player with playback program software, built-in USB stick interface for MP3 audio file storage, contact closure detection circuitry, a built-in PIR (passive infra-red) motion-activated sensor and 12V power pack. It contains robust, top quality industrial-grade electronics with no moving parts (see diagram below).

  It also includes a mono 25 Watt (max) audio amplifier and 3" speaker. Optional directional and outdoor speakers are also available (see below). All speaker types have been selected for their high (CD) quality, wide bandwidth sound capabilities.

  Adjustable volume control for the standard speaker, hidden from visitors. Our Players use a secured magnetic induction remote volume control. They also have a stereo line-out socket for easy connection to existing sound systems if required, plus a stereo head-phone output (eg where several languages are offered).

  The re-recordable USB memory stick can store hours of audio files. The Audio Player plays CD-quality MP3, WAV and MIDI audio format files, with a built in MP3 decoder (320kbits/sec) for audio playback. All control configuration is set up on the USB stick and can set playback delays and random/sequential play programs.

  Audio content can be changed by inserting the removable USB memory stick into a computer. Alternatively, you can instantly change your content and settings by an optional remote (Wifi) connection.

  The Audio Player can be triggered by motion sensor (3 ranges available: <2m, <5m, <10m) or door release/push buttons. The PIR motion sensor can be mounted on an extension lead for operational convenience. There is a built-in interface for up to 6 push buttons to play specific tracks/different languages.

  Players can also switch a 240V AC appliance (<10 Amps) such as lighting.

  The Audio Player is supplied in a weather-sealed aluminium enclosure (170 x 120 x 60mm). Our solar packages and outdoor speakers include specialist housings.

  Outdoor or indoor sites, only requiring 12-24V DC power (very low power needs).  A 240V transformer can be supplied to operate with mains power.

  An optional small Camera can be included in each Player, to trigger audio, assist in visitor evaluation and in protection against malicious damage.

Panphonic Directional Speakers (indoor use)

•  Highly focused audio delivered where you want it and nowhere else. Very high speech intelligibility means that your message is clearly delivered to your audience, even in noisy environments (automatic volume adjustment and inbuilt amplifier). Ultrathin (3cm) profile and stylish design (in black, grey or white) makes the speakers easy to integrate into any architectural environment, with the Audio Player hidden behind the speaker. A simple, adjustable metal wire hanging kit is included.

•  Please email us for further information about our directional speakers.

Accento Outdoor Speaker

•  IP55 outdoor-rated speaker housing with 5" mid-woofer and 20mm tweeter.  A powder-coated metal grille and adjustable mounting brackets are included. Both the Audio Player and sensor are fitted within this outdoor speaker.

•  Please email us for further information about our outdoor speakers.

Solar Package

•  This package includes an A-grade 20W solar panel, compact Century battery, outdoor-rated regulator, waterproof connections and marine-grade cabling.

•  Please email us for further information about our solar packages.


Our general Warranty is 12 months – for electronic faults, not including freight costs and not applying to malicious or incidental damage. A 25-year limited warranty applies to our solar panels; solar regulators have a 5-year warranty.


Diagram of Audio Player & components: optional extras are indicated by dotted lines