The basic Audio Player includes hardware and once-only pre-programming. It does not include installation, shipping, options such as directional speaker or content updating remotely (WiFi), maintenance or hardware upgrades when available.

Basic Audio Player V3.0 (Elf Owl):

    AUD$1750 (& $175 GST in Australia)

    There is a 10% discount for 10+ Players on one order.

A purchase order is required with a 50% deposit to secure your order. Delivery time is within 6 weeks from receipt of deposit. Remainder payment is due on shipping of your Player/s.

No-cost Options (at no extra cost)

  Push buttons can be used in place of a sensor - the first

    push button (or a door-trigger) is at no extra cost

  Sensor types - different ranges can be accommodated, eg

    visitors are <2m, <5m or <10m away from sensor

Optional Extras (at a small extra cost)

  Solar package, for a stand-alone power supply

  Outdoor Speaker, all-in-one secure unit with metal grille

  Directional speaker (various sizes) for use indoors

  Inbuilt camera (with or instead of sensor), also useful

    for visitor evaluation and in case of malicious damage

  Updating audio content remotely (Wifi)

  Additional push buttons (2 to 6) for playing specific audio

    tracks or languages (can also supply headphones)

  Electric switch eg to turn nearby lighting on and off

Just email us for a current Price List with all current options.


Our general Warranty is 12 months – for electronic faults, not including freight costs and not applying to malicious or incidental damage. A 25-year limited warranty applies to our solar panels; solar regulators have a 5-year warranty.

Enquiries and Orders

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